• "I have always had a conflictual relationship with my voice, especially on account of my introverted character. However, as I am already a guitar-player and in order to improve my professional standing, I decided to try singing as well. After various attempts, I realised that I needed lessons because my voice was blocked and noticeably fatigued. I was told about Anna Maria and enrolled on one of her group courses. After a few encounters I began to realise that working on the voice was linked not only to vocal technique, but above all to an interior aspect of ourselves connected to emotions, anxieties and fears. After the group course, I decided to take individual lessons and this was when, through the development of the voice I didn't even know I had, I began to feel a sense of gratification. Studying singing with her, apart from the pleasure to be had from singing at a high level without any effort, enabled me to get to know and respect myself better. I take the opportunity to thank my Maestra for having brought me this far, and for having imbued me with her passion for singing – which is what makes her such an outstanding professional in her field."

    Marco Rosa

  • "Studying singing with Anna Maria means understanding that the emission of sound requires no effort. It is not a question of amassing but of removing; do not seek to do, rather should you allow things to be done. Just as in the Feldenkrais Method the relaxation of tension eventually allows space to be made for movement, so in singing the return of the body and the vocal apparatus to an easy and light form allows the voice to emerge in all its naturalness. Anna Maria has accompanied me along this path with great care and sensitivity, utilizing lessons that were always different, and in which the body and the voice in all their uniqueness were what guided the teaching, rather than vice versa."

    Silvia de Andrea

  • "Over the five years that I studied with Anna Maria, both my voice and technique improved out of all recognition. This is entirely due to her dedication, creativity and extraordinary ability to put her students at their ease, enabling them to evolve in leaps and bounds. A word is also due to her capacity for understanding and her passion for the voice, all of which she then passes on to her students. Apart from anything else – she manages to make everything such great fun!"

    Eliza Belward

  • "I have frequently suffered from hoarseness, especially in stressful situations, which sometimes even degenerated into the loss of my voice. (...) I embarked on this process of vocal re-education in a hopeful frame of mind, but also with some reservations, since I knew that it is very easy to damage the voice. Indeed, the voice is a part of our body that is both "intimate" and abstract, insofar as it cannot physically be seen. This is why it is so complicated to solve any problems linked to it. (...) All my reservations were met with a professional response, as well as a type of intervention by Anna Maria that was at one and the same time radical and delicate. Not only did she manage to unblock the situation, but she also managed to convince me that my voice could "vibrate" like any other. The results were immediate and astonishing – to the extent that my personal evolution has progressed not only vocally, but as a whole. Naturally, I have not suffered again from hoarseness, not even in stressful situations, even when I had the 'flu. (...) I shall always be grateful to her for having enabled me to discover – and I am only at the beginning of this process – the beauty of my own voice."

    Marina Sbardolini
    Dalcroze Teacher

  • "Vocal work with Anna Maria is a profound process. Over the last six months, the various vocal exercises, along with the movements utilized to liberate the voice, have brought about a remarkable evolution in my voice. There were moments, indeed, of great emotional intensity, such was the sense I felt within me of something being liberated. Singing in this way is stirring, liberating and relaxing."

    Michel Quicheron
    Administrative assistant, energy sector.

  • "I met Anna Maria in Italy, having already studied singing with other teachers in France and Canada. But it is with her that my vocal ability was revealed and has developed: after three years of work my voice has been considerably strengthened and enriched with magnificent overtones. (...) Unlike other singing teachers who make all their students do the same series of vocal exercises, Anna Maria tailors her teaching to each of her students, bearing in mind their individual characteristics, nature and emotional state on the day of the lesson. By bringing to bear both kindness and exactitude on her lessons, she gently guides her students towards revealing themselves through their voices. Her approach is invaluable and powerful. (...) Learning to use one's voice also means having one's assumptions challenged. On occasion I couldn't accept the new sounds I was making. And there were also moments of intense emotion... With Anna Maria's great experience and benevolent guidance, I have assimilated the new sounds and emotions and, finally, have grown through this experience."

    Chloé Griot
    Research Engineer

  • "When I look back and recall the day I decided to dedicate myself to singing, I realise just how distant I was from the idea I have of it now. The image I get is of a journey during which I discovered new places (resonance spaces), met various unknown personalities (of my own) that kept me company for part of the way, and sounds that allowed me to take on board a new way of listening. And bit by bit I made the discovery that this journey does not have a destination: it has transformed into a continuous and ever-new encounter with my voice. This is what singing has become for me: accepting the encounter with my voice!"

    Patrizia Salvemini
    Director in the Social Services Sector

  • "I have been following the Functional Method for four years with Anna Maria. Initialy I had no idea where this would take me, I only thought of my voce and singing. Then, to my surprise, I noticed just how many changes in self-awareness and grounding were actually taking place. Finding one's voice again is like learning to love yourself more (...): you reawaken and learn how to let sound find its own way without the need to control or "decide" for it (...). Vibration, polish and flair, tone... all these have been gifts for me, teaching me how to really listen to myself as I sing. Now I know that with patience and commitment, I can go somewhere with my voice."

    Christine Balligand

  • "The course of study I have undertaken with Anna Maria Garriga focuses on allowing the physiological voice to emerge, by creating an uncontrived style of singing that appears as if by magic, like the sound of an instrument in the spaces of resonance given by its maker. This study has enabled me (but not without some inner struggle and effort) to eliminate longstanding habits regarding the emission of sound, and then accept the new voice that has emerged, which is different to the previous one, even partly unrecognisable – and yet so beautiful! A voice that has been reforged like this acquires personality and presence, as well as losing the sense of fatigue that may accompany singing."

    M. Punginelli
    Director of Public Health

  • "Anna Maria Garriga’s work with the choir Goccia di Voci was extremely stimulating.
    After almost two years, choir members can still remember some of the proprioceptive exercises that help them to make their voice resonate even in the upper part of the head.
    This has produced an altogether brighter sound, and their intonation has also improved.
    Despite the fact that this numerous group (45 choir members) had only 20 hours’ work over a 5-month period, even this was sufficient to show just what this method is capable of achieving. "

    Oskar Boldre
    Conductor of the polyphonic choir, Goccia di Voci

  • "I first met Anna Maria Garriga when it was decided to hold a two-year music course for children at the primary school, ‘A. Manzoni’, where I teach in Morosolo. Right from the start, I was struck very favourably by her teaching approach to her instrument, the voice, which is both kind and yet direct.
    The approach taken throughout the course was, ‘Tutti uguali e tutti diversi’ (We are all equal yet different), which means that my voice can unite with other people’s voices to sing in a choir. Under the guiding hand of our teacher and the precise rules she gave us, we discovered the joy of singing together. We also learnt how to recognise the actions that can damage the voice, and last – but not least – the value of silence.
    For the children, this represented a gradual yet constant discovery, which was strengthened by their acquisition of an understanding of the principal characteristics of sound, the concept of ‘tempo’ in music, as well as a repertoire of traditional songs and tongue-twisters suitable for their voices. In my capacity as a teacher and a former choir-member, I personally found the lessons to be enriching, and I was greatly impressed by Anna’s professionalism and enthusiasm. I often find myself drawing on the numerous ‘musical pearls’ that she gifted us with. Thank you Anna Maria. "

    Roberta Malnati
    Primary school teacher

  • "An adventure supervised and guided with great patience and care, along a path exploring research and listening, with a particular focus on developing perception. An intense path, but one which is finally revealing the gift of sounds that are truly my own: unknown vibrations that were immediately recognisable as real, profound emotions from my sub-conscious... and the encounter/clash with an extremely personal and profound part of myself that wishes only to be acknowledged, liberated and allowed to vibrate through sound. And then the joy of finally being able to sing, with a voice that is free and overflowing with – me! Thank you."

    Claudia Aldini
    Director of "Circo Fortuna" (Lugano)

  • "I started out on a group course centred on the voice and, after a few years took up individual singing lessons, because Anna Maria's approach has always been an in-depth focus on listening and self-discovery. Over the years I have encountered and come up against parts of myself that react and act through the vibrations of sound. My perception of singing has changed – my own way of singing – I see it now as a sound that belongs to me and therefore speaks of me. Just as I have discovered how I "speak" through singing and what I express. (...) I can now say without a shadow of a doubt that my voice is "fuller", but above all that I have been "filled up" with more voice! Heartfelt thanks to the Maestra who has brought me to this point with patience and dedication."

    Martina Bonetti
    Teacher, Social Assistant