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Mine is a story of unswerving passion and searching.
If you’re curious, interested, or just love the human voice, it is my pleasure to share the fruits of my experience and training with you.

Academic Year 2020-21

A new academic year has just begun, bringing with it new resolutions and new projects.

As always, the main focus is on educating the voice – no matter what the age. ‘Educate’ in the etymological sense of the word, from educere, meaning ‘to draw out’. In other words, discovering the true nature of one’s voice, its full potential in terms of sound and expressiveness, both singing and speaking.

This means wakening up to the factors that tend to block the voice (which are often the result of postural, muscular or respiratory tension) and, through a process of increased awareness on a physical and auditory level, transforming them. This transformation leads to the ability to fully express one’s vocal potential, with all the pleasure and physical and psychological well-being this entails.

But time must always be dedicated to sharing. To this end all progress is marked and acknowledged with joy, making it worthy of being showcased. In actual fact, this is a crucial step in every singer’s or speaker’s training, enhancing the ability to stay focussed and centred, even when nerves could get the better of us. So this year, particular attention will be dedicated to ‘open classes’, in conjunction with the end-of-year concert.

There are several new courses on the way that I’d like you to discover by checking out the activities calendar. However, if you’re looking for further information on the different teaching approaches, or trying to decide which one might best suit your needs, go to ‘Teaching Methodology’ or contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Enjoy the read and enjoy your voice!

Calendar Activities


Group Lessons

Group lessons consist of just three or four people. This is what enables both a shared experience of what is being studied during each lesson, as well as individual and personalised learning.

Singing for Children

From the moment of birth, babies play with the sound of their own voice, immersing themselves in ‘states of enchantment’ that bring joy and profound peace.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops are short but intensive, usually lasting from three to five hours, during which specific areas are tackled one by one.

Correction and/or improvement of speaking voice


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    "I have always had a conflictual relationship with my voice, especially on account of my introverted character. However, as I am already a guitar-player and in order to improve my professional standing, I decided to try singing as well. After various attempts, I realised that I needed lessons because my voice was blocked and noticeably fatigued...."

    Marco Rosa
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    "Studying singing with Anna Maria means understanding that the emission of sound requires no effort. It is not a question of amassing but of removing; do not seek to do, rather should you allow things to be done. Just as in the Feldenkrais Method the relaxation of tension eventually allows space to be made for movement, so in singing the return..."

    Silvia de Andrea
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    "Over the five years that I studied with Anna Maria, both my voice and technique improved out of all recognition. This is entirely due to her dedication, creativity and extraordinary ability to put her students at their ease, enabling them to evolve in leaps and bounds. A word is also due to her capacity for understanding and her passion for the..."

    Eliza Belward

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