Workshops and Seminars

Workshops are short but intensive, usually lasting from three to five hours, during which specific areas are tackled one by one.

Seminars are full-immersion courses of variable duration (from one to three days), over which time several areas can be tackled. The ‘time factor’ here means that windows of opportunity can be opened up in order to develop states of receptivity and growth that are very different to what we are familiar with.

These windows of opportunity enable pupils to take a great deal of input on board, which they can subsequently elaborate through personal practice and/or their daily routine.

The group dynamics created over the course of a seminar enable each participant to develop a deeper relationship with him- or herself, as well as with others, by means of the diverse experiences on offer.

In both the workshops and the seminars, time is apportioned to:

  • The experience of sensorial perception
  • The experience of listening
  • Broadening one’s theoretical basis
  • Individual lessons
  • Singing in group situations

Who are the Workshops and Seminars for?

  • Whoever, due to time constraints, cannot attend the weekly sessions
  • Whoever would prefer to familiarise with the world of the voice in a group situation nad with more widely-spaced out but intensive sessions.
  • Anybody who has attained a good standard in this area and wishes to pursue and/or enrich their knowledge of the voice.

The topics for the workshops and seminars change with every new academic year, but they all hinge on the basic pillars of vocal physiology applied to singing and the spoken word: the perception of the body, one’s relationship with air, vibration, the resonance and brilliance of the sound produced, etc...)

Please consult the teaching calendar for the current academic year.

“The score is one thing, singing is another. You need to be able to have the music in your head while singing with your body”
(Luciano Pavarotti)