Group Lessons

Group lessons consist of just three or four people. This is what enables both a shared experience of what is being studied during each lesson, as well as individual and personalised learning. In this way listening is an integral part of the lesson.

The subject matter taken into consideration is chosen according to the requirements of the group, and is applied both to the singing and speaking voice. It is always chosen in relation to and on the basis of the pupils’ vocal physiology (corporeal perception, relation with air, vibration, resonance and brilliance of the sound produced etc...)

This type of lesson is suitable for:

  • Anyone who loves singing in a group.
  • Those who feel more at ease in a group dynamic, as opposed to an individual one.
  • Anyone wishing to take the first step towards the study of the voice, in order to learn how to appreciate its potential for development.

Courses are on an annual basis and are divided into two four-month terms. Lessons take place weekly and last for 1¼ or 1½ hours.

Please check the timetable for the current academic year.

“The secret of singing lies between the vibration of the singer’s voice and the heartbeat of the listener”.
(Khalil Gibran)