Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are the dynamic that facilitates a personalisation of the learning process based on the pupil’s starting level, interests, requirements and objectives. They are also the means by which a didactic relationship is established in which the pupil feels secure in the close monitoring of their vocal development and, as so often happens, the ensuing personal develpoment. Both the music repertoire and the readings to be worked on are chosen together.

This type of lesson is suitable for:

  • Anyone intending to continue with ‘official’ studies.
  • Anyone wishing to learn how to sing for personal fulfilment.
  • Anyone wishing to learn how to express him/herself with greater ease, effectiveness and pleasure through both song and the spoken word, by deepening their knowledge of their vocal functions (coristers, actors and voice professionals in general).
  • Anyone who needs to re-educate their voice following a trauma, an operation or vocal fatigue.
  • Anyone who uses or intends to use their voice on a professional basis.
  • Anyone wishing to use the voice as a means of communication with the self, at a physical, emotional or psychological level.

Weekly lessons by appointment.

“In singing, while you need to have a voice, it is the use you make of it that counts”
(Alfredo Kraus)