Anna Maria Garriga

I’ve been singing my whole life. As a little girl I used to go to music lessons at the local academy. I didn’t like theory (names and length of the notes, scales…), but I loved singing!
At a young age I started teaching music to children in schools, whilst also singing in a semi-professional choir in Barcelona; but then the beginnings of a lump interrupted this. And so began my search.

I did very little speech therapy since it was voice training that really interested me and, spurred on by my deepest inclinations and desires, I pursued this in many different countries and with several teachers:

I have always believed that the “right” way of singing shouldn’t be “rough and ready”, but harmonious and inspiring: a result of the body’s intelligence and an expression of the soul.
I have always wished that my voice might enable me to come in contact with the vitality inherent in the deepest part of me.
I have always hoped that my voice might enable me to make a name for myself and, both within and without, help me to develop a profound sense of presence: an unshakeable rootedness stemming from interior elevation.

Some recordings followed, and a great deal of performing experience – with all the satisfaction and difficulties that such a fragile instrument as the voice brings with it. At the same time I was also teaching: I sought my voice with and through that of my students. I thank them all, from such a variety of countries, cultures and mentalities, for the trust they have shown in me, my experience and my intuitions.

My search has not yet finished. I am still studying for self-improvement, which also benefits my students, and have now attained a more mature and in-depth awareness of the mechanism, complexity, and beauty underpinning the inner workings that bring about the production of the sound of our voice.

Here you may read about my training and experience:


In 1985 I received my Higher Diploma in Pianoforte from the Barcelona Music Conservatory. I then pursued my studies in this instrument with pedagogic teachers of international repute such as Ludovica Mosca, Monique Déchaus, Alain Motard, Jorg Demus and Maria Curcio. Following this, I commenced singing classes at the same conservatory, whilst pursuing studies in choral conducting and the different teaching methods developed by Martenot, Orff, Willerns, Dalcroze and Kodaly.

My training as a singer, begun in Barcelona, culminated in 1995 at the University of Montréal when I graduated with a degree in The Interpretation of Operatic Music. I then took master classes in Toronto and Ottowa with Ann Monoyios and Dona Brown, while also studying for a diploma in Theatre Studies at the University of Québec.

My interest in ancient music dates from 1997 when I met musicians of the calibre of Daniel Taylor, Stephen Stubbs and Erin Hadley. This interest became an academic specialization in 2000 when I moved to France and attended a two-year course on Ancient Music at the conservatory in Tours. In Paris I pursued further studies in The Aesthetics of Baroque Music with Béatrix Cramoix and Robert Expert, while exploring Renaissance and Baroque Dance with Cécilia Gracia-Moura, Sophie Rousseau and Bruna Gondoni.

I have been living in Italy since 2004, in the province of Varese. Here, from 2004 to 2006, I studied the Italian ‘Belcanto’ repertoire with Maestro Paolo Vaglieri.

From 2007 to 2009 I completed a course in Psycho-phonetic Training with the voice therapist Dott.ssa Elisa Benassi in Mantova.

In 2006 I began a formation course on “A Functional Method for the Voice” held by Gisela Rohmert in Lichtenberg (Germany). In 2010 I qualified as a teacher in this area, which I have continued to study and research. Currently, my teaching methodology for singing, centres on the Functional Method for the Voice.

Professional Experience

My experience as a performer goes back as far as 1995, when I started collaborating with different instrumental and vocal ensembles with an extensive repertoire ranging from medieval to contemporary music.

In Canada I was a founding member of the “Ensemble Cadmos” (guitar, transverse flute and voice) and created, produced and co-performed the concert for voice and pianoforte “Eclats de Voix”. I held concerts of this material in several Canadian cities, among which Montréal, Québec, Ottowa and Toronto.

While in Paris, I regularly collaborated with an ensemble specialized in medieval music, “Venance Fortunat”, with whom I made two recordings (“Chants de l’amour divin” and “La messe des Anges”). I also performed with conductors of the calibre of Pierre Cao and Marie-Anne Poitier, and sang with several groups and ensembles in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Marocco.

Since arriving in Italy, I have completed a course on Sacred Music held at the Abbazia di Sant’Antimo, given by Livio Picotti and Ulrike Wurdak; I have also sung with conductors such as Helmut Endlish, Francesco Miotti and Jonathan Pradella. In addition to this I have acquired experience in improvisation through familiarising with the Sephardic repertoire together with Ermanno Librasi, Zeno Gabaglio and the ensemble “La Rosa”.  

I have over twenty-five years’ teaching experience in the field of artistic and professional formation in both state-run and private institutions. At the moment I am engaged in a busy didactic schedule, alternating group and individual singing lessons with full-immersion seminars and workshops on the Functional Voice Method. I also collaborate with specialists from other disciplines such as vocal improvisation, the Feldenkrais Method, Brain Gym, Theatre etc., offering a range of approaches that benefit one’s vocal potential and, by extension, one’s daily life.